JACK AND JILL is a little company that started 18 years ago around my kitchen island.  While my 2 year old twins, Jack and Lucy, were napping and my older boys were at school, I got creative rather than nap or clean my house.  I began to decoupage images under glass for friends and family.  When Lucy asked me if my plates had any "parkles", I realized what a brilliant idea she had and swiftly added a dash of sparkles to every plate.  I began to sell my work in local gift shops and was met with great success. Currently, they are just available through my website  and various events in the Chicago area.

It's hard to believe those twins are in college now, but JACK AND JILL has remained and grown. My work evolved from images to words.  The collection includes quotes to celebrate those you care about, to commemorate an important event, or simply make you smile.  I'm happy to customize a plate for you or design your own quote onto glass in addition to the other work in the JACK ANDJILL collection.



All Jack and Jill items are handmade and may have slight imperfections, making each piece unique. In addition, sometimes the background paper will

vary a bit from the photo online.  Depending on how and where the paper has been cut, it will vary, however, it will be the same general paper you saw photographed.  Jack and Jill Gift Shop does not accept any returns or exchanges. If your item arrived broken, please contact jill@jackandjillgiftshop.com

within 7 business days and a replacement will be shipped to you. You may request to cancel an order if it has not already been shipped.

To confirm shipping status, email jill@jackandjillgiftshop.com.


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